The Sunday Show: Kyiv Pride, Syria, Anne Applebaum
17 June, 2018

✅ Kyiv Pride 2018: Celebrating Ukraine’s LGBT Community

Daily life for Ukraine’s LGBT community often involves discrimination and even human rights violations. One event hoping to one day put an end to that is Kyiv Pride, which has taken place annually since 2013. This year’s Pride kicked off on June 8 and featured a program of lectures, seminars and film screenings aimed at raising awareness of LGBT rights and issues. Kyiv Pride culminated on June 17 with an Equality March through the streets of the city center.

Ruslana Panukhnik

Executive Officer, Kyiv Pride

Tymur Levchuk

PR head of Kyiv Pride

✅ Syria and Ukraine – War & Peace & Russian Intervention

In 2014, Russia encroached on Ukrainian territory with its illegal annexation of Crimea and support for militant separatist in the occupied eastern regions of Ukraine. Then, in September 2015, Russia turned to the Middle East and sent troops into Syria in support of the Assad regime. Although Ukraine and Syria may seem like worlds apart, they face a common threat: Russia. On June 18, English-language newspaper Kyiv Post will host a conference focusing some of the themes that tie these two countries together, including war and territorial loss.

Brian Bonner

Editor-in-Chief, Kyiv Post

Wael Aleji

Spokesperson, Syrian Network for Human Rights in London

✅ “Red Famine” Author on Changing Global Politics

Author Anne Applebaum’s back catalogue features a range of award-winning work exploring some of the most crucial moments from Soviet and Eastern European history. Her recent work, Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine, examines the Soviet man-made famine of the early 1930s and the devastation it left in Ukraine. Hromadske caught up with the Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner at the launch of the Ukrainian version of Red Famine to talk about reception of her book abroad, as well as current events in the United States, Europe and around Ukraine.

Anne Applebaum

Washington Post columnist

✅ Scholar Lucan Way on Competitive Authoritarianism

Competitive authoritarianism describes regimes that have all the trappings of a democratic state – such as elections and institutions – but just fails to use them. This could be said of Ukraine under President Leonid Kuchma, and later under Viktor Yanukovych. But what about today? Hromadske speaks to author and associate professor at the University of Toronto Lucan Way to discuss where competitive authoritarianism exists today and what Ukraine needs to do to avoid this label in the future.

Lucan Way

Associate Professor, University of Toronto