The Sunday Show: Global Experts Chart Ukraine’s Future, Military Exercises, and Teaching Tolerance
17 September, 2017

✅ “Next Year in Yalta”: Leaders and Experts Debate Ukraine’s Future

On September 15-16, political leaders, government officials, and experts from around the world converged on Ukraine for the annual Yalta European Strategy conference, held in Kyiv. There, they discussed and debated the key challenges facing Ukraine: the war with Russia, fighting corruption, and promoting reforms. Hromadske was on site to find out what some of the world’s top policy minds think about Ukraine’s future.

Kurt Volker

US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations

Pavlo Klimkin

Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Steven Pifer 

Senior Fellow At Brookings Institution

✅ Planes, Trains, and Tanks: Russia-Belarus Military Exercises Scare Neighbors

On September 14 Russia and Belarus began their joint military exercises known as Zapad-2017. While both countries insist that the exercises are defensive in nature, the presence of nearly 13 thousand armed soldiers so close to Europe has provoked concern from neighbouring countries. But what does Zapad-2017 mean for Belarus? For an inside look, Hromadske talks to editor-in-chief of Euroradio Viktor Malishevsky.

Viktar Malishevsky,

Editor-in-Chief of Euroradio

✅ Maya and Her Mothers: Children’s Book Provokes Right-Wing Backlash

It was intended to be a children’s book highlighting different types of families and promoting acceptance of people from different backgrounds. But on September 15, the book’s author, Ukrainian writer and human rights activist Larysa Denysenko, had to cancel part of the book launch in Lviv after receiving numerous threats from Ukrainian far-right organizations. The backlash stemmed from a few sentences describing a girl raised by a same-sex couple and two siblings conceived through artificial insemination. Opponents claim that the book forces upon children “destructive principles that are contrary to values and traditions formed in Ukrainian families.”

Nadia Parfan,

film director, culturologist​