The Sunday Show: Escaping The Minsk Stalemate, Montenegro's Road To NATO, EU-Ukraine Relations
4 June, 2017

This Week On Sunday Show: 

✅ German Ambassador To Ukraine: Escaping The Minsk Stalemate

What is the destiny of peaceful Minsk agreements? In what direction should the Normandy Four move in order to break the stalemate? What political issues have to be solved? We spoke to the representative of a key Ukrainian ally in order to clarify the status of the Minsk agreements and what they mean for the future of Ukraine.

Featuring guests:

Ernst Reichel, German Ambassador to Ukraine

✅ This is Why Montenegro Defies Russia in Joining NATO 

On June 5, Montenegro will formally join NATO and will become the 29th member of the alliance of the world's most powerful countries that work together to preserve global peace and stability. But what obstacles did Montenegro face on the way to accession and was Russia involved? Why was society divided on this issue? We discuss this question with experts.

Featuring guests:

Momcilo Radulovic, President of European Movement Montenegro

Tim Judah, British reporter, correspondent for The Economist

✅ EU-Ukraine: Beyond The Visa-Free Regime

Ukraine has fulfilled the demands of the European Union. They finally ratified the EU-Ukrainian Association Agreement and established a visa-free regime. Still there are issues that top EU officials are calling upon to be solved. Although the EU launched a new three-year Anti-Corruption Initiative that will costs 15.84 million EUR, a top EU official criticised Ukraine over a law targeting nongovernmental organisations, investigating state corruption, and urged greater independence for the agency charged with exposing graft.

Featuring guests:

Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations

✅ How Bots Are Shaping Elections Around The World

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have recently been facing scrutiny for promoting fake news stories. Fake news and a rather new phenomena - bots, which are sharing false information, played and are still playing a role in shaping people's opinions, especially regarding major political choices. Earlier, Hromadske correspondent Angelina Kariakina spoke to Monica Kaminska, a cyber security expert from the Oxford Internet Institute. They discussed fake news versus junk news, the role of social media in recent elections, how bots manipulate information sharing online and adapting to the pace of technological change.

Featuring guests:

Monica Kaminska, cyber security expert from the Oxford Internet Institute

✅ Why Hundreds Of Foreign Volunteers Coming To Teach In Ukraine

This year, over 600 foreign volunteers from 140 countries will be arriving in Ukraine as part of the GoCamp project. Every volunteer will spend three weeks teaching socially important subjects to school children in English in various cities and towns. The main goal of the project is to educate a new generation of active and conscious young citizens of Ukraine, capable of lifelong learning, prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, fluent in foreign languages and open to other cultures and experiences. 200 GoCamp participants have already arrived at their destination. Hromadske went to find out what is involved in this innovative educational project and why the volunteers chose to come to Ukraine.

✅ Ukrainian Provincial Teacher Launches Dozens Of International Careers For His Students

A provincial teacher of physics and computer science tries to interest his pupils in science. In his opinion, science is not valued in Ukraine today, however there are lots of children who have great potential for it. That is why twenty-four years ago he and his colleagues created the “Tournament of Champions.” It is a complex competition in which the best schoolchildren can participate. Watch the inspiring story of a common teacher who keeps launching dozens of foreign careers for his students.