The Sunday Show 02/04/2017
2 April, 2017

This Week on The Sunday Show:

✅ Controversial Law Puts Ukrainian Anti-Corruption NGO Under Pressure

The law which requires individuals who receive funds and/or property for anti-corruption activities to fill in e-declarations was signed by the President Petro Poroshenko on March 27th. Hromadske will give analysis to this topic, along with an expert from a global anti-corruption NGO, Transparency International Ukraine.

Featuring guest: Andrii Marusov, Chairman of the Board at Transparency International Ukraine

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✅ Elections in Armenia: The Switch To A Parliamentary Form Of Government.

An Armenian parliamentary election is scheduled for April 2nd. This will be the first election after the constitutional amendments were made, changing the country from a semi-presidential to a parliamentary system.

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Featuring guest: Hovannes Nikoghosyan, an adjunct lecturer at American University Of Armenia via Skype

✅ Follow-up on Protests in Belarus: What's next

We will follow-up on the major protests which occurred last weekend in Belarus. What changes have they provoked? What do they mean, and what is going to happen next?

Featuring guest: Gulliver Cragg, France 24 Correspondent, @gullivercragg

✅ Latest Demonstrations in Moscow, Explained

More protests occurred in Russia. During the week, there were messages calling for a protest on April 2nd. OVD-Info reported that about 56 people have been detained. Earlier, on March 26th, hundreds of people around Russia took to the streets with anti-corruption slogans. Almost 1300 people from all over the country were arrested.

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Featuring guest: Grigory Okhotin, Russian Journalist, Founding member of OVD-Info. 

✅ Mark Galeotti: 'Trump’s White House Looks Like Putin’s Kremlin'

Mark Galeotti, a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague will give a closer look on Trump’s administration and how it is connected to Russia.