"The Possible Return to Governmental Control is Now Discussed in Donetsk" - Resident
16 October, 2019
A resident of occupied Donetsk told Hromadske that locals are worried about the discontent that the latest change in Kyiv's Donbas policy has created among the population of the government-controlled territories.

"The biggest worry at the moment is the fact that the Ukrainian society is so tense, and we can see that from here – and of course, people believe Russian television broadcast here, which is provoking that tension by showing the most shocking images of this Ukrainian fear. We, here, are still very scared that the conflict may erupt into a hot phase once more, considering that the Ukrainian public is unwilling to consider ideas of separation of forces," says resident of occupied Donetsk Tetyana Nosach.

She also said that she likes the fact that now discussions about Donetsk returning to governmental control can be heard on radio.

"If before when I entered a store, I’d hear only talk about how ‘we need to liberate the territories in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions that are temporarily occupied by Kyiv’, then now I hear talk about ‘Is it okay or not for us to return to Ukraine?’ I can see that something is starting to change for us," she said.

Nosach spoke to Hromadske on October 14, part of the 3-hour shared broadcast Hromadske organized with journalists in Severodonetsk and Sloviansk. Named "Donbas Formula," its aim was to ask questions and get answers that the society over both sides of the demarcation line has been craving for.

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