The Best of The Sunday Show: Escaping the Oligarch Trap in Eastern Europe
12 August, 2017

This Week: 

What lessons can Ukraine learn from "shock therapy" in Poland? Why is it that 25 years after the collapse of the socialist system, Ukraine's GDP per capita is almost three times lower than in Lithuania and Poland? How can Ukraine improve its performance and alleviate poverty?

About the guests:

 Jakub Majmurek 

— political commentator, film critic, and art critic. He is the co-author of many books on film history, social and political philosophy. Majmurek is working on his Doctorate of political philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

 Algis Krupavicius 

— Lithuanian political scientist, historian, Ph.D., President of the Lithuanian Association of Political Science. Lecturer at the Kaunas University of Technology since 1989.  Head of Politics and Government at Kaunas University since 1992. Lithuanian expert in the Scientific Council since 2004.

 Tymofiy Mylovanov 

— Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh, Honorary President of Kyiv School of Economics, Deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine council, co-founder of VoxUkraine.In 2014, Ukrainian Forbes ranked Tymofiy as one of the most influential economic thinkers of our time.

Hromadske’s Volodymyr Yermolenko joins experts from Lithuania, Poland, and Ukrainer to discuss these issues in this edition of the show.

The program “Oligarchs in Eastern Europe” deals with Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, their common challenges and ways to solve them. This current issue covers economic and social issues. Why have Ukraine’s western neighbours succeeded in the 1990s and how can Ukraine catch up?