The Sunday Show. 2/1/2015
1 February, 2015

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✔️Update from the East Ukraine Front Lines: Worsening Conditions  
✔️Tracking Human Rights and Media Freedom in Crimea
✔️Litvinenko Inquiry: Putin on Trial  
✔️A Conversation with Andrey Kurkov: Literature and Society in Post-Maidan Ukraine


Colonel Andriy Ordynovych, Defence Ministry of Ukraine

David Patrikarakos, Journalist (New York Times, Foreign Policy, Politico)

Dmitriy Makarov, Deputy Head of the Crimean Field Mission 

Arsen Zhumadilov, Coordinator at the Crimean Institute for Strategic Studies

Luke Harding, Journalist, The Guardian 

Andrey Kurkov, Author of Ukraine Diaries: Dispatches from Kiev