Successes of the Armed Forces in the south, future inspections in Ukrainian army: last night's higlights
15 June, 2022

Over the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian military destroyed two munitions depots and a lot of enemy equipment in the south, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced logistics checks in the army following reports of a lack of personal protective equipment. Here is what you may have missed from the previous night.

Successes of the Armed Forces in the south

On June 14, the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed 70 occupiers, two ammunition depots and more than 60 units of Russian equipment in the south. The Kherson regional authrotities say that one of the ammunition depots was destroyed in Nova Kakhovka: the ammunition was detonating from noon until late in the evening.

Among the Russian equipment destroyed in the south are a helicopter, a Pion self-propelled gun, a Grad multiple rocket launcher, 3 152 mm howitzers and 19 armored vehicles. In particular, the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck three times over the cluster of manpower and military equipment of the occupiers in the Kherson Oblast. The Ukrainians also fired rockets at the fuel depots and the area of ​​concentration of equipment, as well as suppressed two enemy command and observation posts.

The American Institute for the Study of War said that counterattacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine forced Russian troops on June 14 to give priority to strengthening defensive lines. The occupiers also had to redeploy additional equipment there. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that the key goal in the south of Ukraine is the liberation of Kherson.

Upcoming inspections in the army

Volodymyr Zelensky stated that he expects inspections of logistics in the army after reports in the media and social networks that some of the Ukrainian service members lack personal protective equipment.

"Today, all those who are in combat zones must have enough to protect themselves. The state provides such supplies," says Zelensky.

Shelling of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

Occupation troops fired on the town of Apostolove in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast on the night of June 15, Mayor Andriy Osa said. Four people were killed in the shelling. The occupiers fired from Uragan multiple rocket launchers.

Supply of Western weapons

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar stated that Western partners have so far handed over to Ukraine about 10% of the weapons that Kyiv is asking to provide to establish parity with the Russian army. She stressed that the West should speed up aid and set clear deadlines for its delivery to Ukraine.

"Because the daily procrastination is in fact the life of Ukrainian soldiers, it is the life of Ukrainian people, the civilian population, it is the destroyed Ukrainian cities, and, in the end, it is, as we see now, temporarily occupied territories. And that's why, unfortunately, we can't wait too long, because the situation is very difficult," the official said.

Putin's plans in Ukraine

US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin probably still wants to seize many Ukrainian territories, if not all of Ukraine. "However, I do not think he can achieve those objectives," he said.

Kahl added that the Russians "may make tactical gains here and there", but the Ukrainians are holding up. Therefore, the official believes that the occupiers "do not have the capacity to achieve those grandiose objectives".

National team ties in the League of Nations

On the evening of June 14, the Ukrainian national football team drew 1:1 with the Irish team in the UEFA League of Nations Division B match. The Ukrainian team remains in first place in its quartet, one point ahead of Scotland. The Ukrainian national team will play three more matches in September — against Armenia and twice against Scotland.