Shelling of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and Southern Ukrainian NPP, forbidden retreat of occupiers: the highlights of the day
19 September, 2022
Consequences of the shelling of the industrial zone of the South Ukrainian NPP, September 19, 2022 Photo: Telegram / Volodymyr Zelenskyi
Russians shelled 2 communities in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and Southern Ukrainian NPP; the Russian command was forced to remind the subordinates of the prohibition of unauthorized leaving positions; the Ukrainian military cleared and completely took control of the village of Bilohorivka in Luhansk Oblast. We collected the key news for today.

Shelling of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

On the night of September 19, the Russians using heavy artillery and Grad MLRS hit Nikopol and Marhanets communities in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast three times, said the head of the regional military administration Valentyn Reznichenko. More than 40 shells were launched.

In Nikopol and on its outskirts, Russian shells have ramped up to 10 houses, several outbuildings, cars, water supply and power lines. More than 2,500 families were left without electricity in the Marhanets community.

Shelling of the Southern Ukrainian NPP

On the night of September 19, Russian troops shelled the industrial zone of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant. The missile hit 300 meters from the nuclear reactors, Energoatom reports.

The shock wave damaged the buildings of the NPP, and over 100 windows were broken. In addition, one of the hydraulic units of the Oleksandrivska HPP, which is part of the South Ukrainian energy complex, was turned off. Three high-voltage power lines were also disconnected. There are no casualties among the staff.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on the shelling of the Southern Ukrainian NPP. He emphasized that Russia is once again endangering the world. The head of Zelenskyy's office, Andriy Yermak, called the shelling nuclear blackmail and called for Russia to be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Occupiers are forbidden to retreat under Bakhmut

Russian troops tried to hold a “counterattack” on the positions of Ukrainian defenders who are stationed in Bakhmut Raion. To do this, 4 Guards Motor Rifle Brigades of 2 Army Corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (“LPR”) struck using the barrel and jet artillery.

And yet, after the answer and forwarding of the Ukrainian defense forces, the unauthorized departure of units of the invaders from the firing positions began.

The General Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports that to stop the escape, the units were forced to remind the subordinates of the prohibition of unauthorized leaving positions, as well as the possible opening of fire on them by the rear “barrier detachments”.

Belohorivka in Luhansk Oblast is under the control of the Armed Forces

The Ukrainian military cleared and completely took control of the village of Bilohorivka in Luhansk Oblast, said the head of Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Haidai.

According to him, there were moments when Bilohorivka passed from the control of Ukrainian troops to the Russian occupiers.

 “But for now [Bilohorivka] has been cleared and is completely under the control of the Ukrainian military,” Haidai said.

Units of the Russian Federation in the south are clamped

The spokeswoman of OK "South" Natalia Humeniuk reported that there is now information that Russian troops have been demoralized and do not see the purpose of their stay in this direction.

She explained that the fire control, which the Ukrainian military is holding over crossings and transport arteries across the Dnipro, forces the invaders to understand that they were clamped between the defense forces and the right shore. These are the units that are in this part of Kherson Oblast.

Thus, the occupiers are offered a way out: to be captured with guarantees of international humanitarian law or to “return home, you know how”.

Situation at the front

During the day, the aviation of the Defense Forces struck 11 areas of concentration of enemy personnel and military hardware, one position of an anti-aircraft missile complex, and one ammunition depot. In addition, our air defense units destroyed a Su-25 aircraft, a guided air missile, and three enemy UAVs in various directions.

Rocket troops and artillery inflicted fire damage on 5 strongholds and areas of concentration of personnel and military hardware, as well as 3 ammunition depots of the occupiers. The total losses of the enemy are being clarified.

During the day, Russian troops carried out 4 missile and 9 air strikes, and more than 11 attacks using MLRS on military and civilian objects on the territory of Ukraine. The infrastructure of more than 24 settlements was damaged.