Servant of the People is Still Very Interested in Cooperation with Other Parties - Future MP
29 July, 2019

Future MP from the presidential Servant of the People party Halyna Yanchenko says that, despite the party achieving parliamentary majority, it will still seek cooperation with other Ukrainian political forces. 

“One of our values is uniting the society. And that’s what we managed during the presidential and parliamentary elections, given that we basically won in the majority of the regions,” Yanchenko told Hromadske on July 28.

She further highlighted highlighted that this unification is an “absolutely new phenomenon for Ukrainian politics.”

“Previously political technologists preferred to divide people into certain categories: Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking, the east and the west, different churches,” she said.

One of the reasons SOTP wants political cooperation, according to Yanchenko, is for cancelling the parliamentary immunity – one of president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s pre-election promises. To achieve this change in the Ukrainian constitution, the party needs to have a constitutional majority in the parliament – 300 votes. 

However, Yanchenko could not provide the names of the parties SOTP will work with and whether it will be in the form of a coalition or in other ways. She also did not name the “favorites” whom the party shortlisted for the top ministerial seats in the country, such as the prime minister.

On July 29, Zelenskyy’s representative in the cabinet of ministers Andriy Gerus told RBC-Ukraine news site that all of the ministerial chairs will belong to Servant of the People members.