SBU releases footage of 21-year-old Russian soldier admitting shooting civilians in Ukraine
4 May, 2022

The Security Service of Ukraine has published a confession of a 21-year-old Russian serviceman that he personally shot the civilian population of Ukraine and went to war to "financially support his mother."
The clip was made public on May 4.

The SBU notes that this is one of the first such confessions of enemy invaders, which was obtained after lengthy work of the Ukrainian special service.

The video features a 21-year-old squad commander Vadim. He barely fought in Ukraine, according to the SBU. He entered the Ukrainian territory in the Sumy Oblast, then accompanied the column with the wounded to Russia, where they were defeated by Ukrainian defenders.

"So this 'hero' and his colleagues carjacked two cars from ordinary Ukrainians. The enemy invader fired at point-blank range at the civilian , who had the misfortune to catch the eye of the occupiers. 'I was ordered to shoot and I fired at him. He fell, and we went on'," says the war criminal.

The SBU emphasizes that such actions of the occupier fall under Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — violation of the laws and customs of war. He faces up to 15 years in prison.

The first suspects

The day before, law enforcement officers announced the first suspicion of victimizing civilians in Bucha, Kyiv Oblast. It was received by the head of the Rosvardia unit, Sergey Kolotsei, who, according to the investigation, killed four unarmed men and tortured another civilian.

Prior to that, the suspicion was announced to Colonel-General of Russia Aleksandr Chaika, who led a military operation to attempt to capture Kyiv from the west.