Russian shelling of residential quarter in Nikopol results in dead and wounded, including children
20 July, 2022

Russian troops fired multiple rocket launchers at a residential area in Nikopol. Two people died and nine others were injured, reported Dnipropetrovsk regional governor Valentyn Reznichenko on Telegram on July 20.

The invading forces fired over 30 rockets. Three private houses were completely destroyed, and approximately 10 were damaged.

Early reports indicate that two people died and nine were injured. Six people were hospitalized, including four children. The youngest injured person is three years old.

Consequences of the shelling of Nikopol in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, July 20, 2022
Photo: Telegram / Valentyn Reznichenko

Rescuers continue to clear the debris. In addition, munitions that did not detonate are scattered around the city. Pyrotechnics are working.

Shelling of Nikopol

Nikopol is located next to Zaporizhzhya Oblast, on the other bank of the Dnipro River is the temporarily occupied city of Enerhodar.

Recently, attacks on the city have intensified. On July 6, 53 shells were fired at Nikopol, which damaged 12 five-story buildings, a school building, and a vocational school. Fragments of ammunition flew into people's apartments. At the time, two people died and one person was injured.

The city was also attacked on the night of July 18. The Russian army launched more than 60 projectiles: private houses, water and gas pipelines, a hospital, industrial and energy enterprises, and a port were damaged. A 75-year-old woman was hospitalized with injuries.

On the night of July 19, Russian military fired up to 40 rockets. Two industrial enterprises were destroyed, no one was injured.