Russian Security Forces Detain Crimean Activist
19 November, 2017

Russian security forces have detained an activist from the Crimean Solidarity association in occupied Crimea, according to the organization’s Facebook page.

The social media post reads: “At around 4 p.m., police officers arrested the activist Ruslan (Alimdar) Belyayov from the Crimean Solidarity association in Simferopol.”

Preliminary reports suggest that alleged car theft is the reason for his detention.

According to Crimean Solidarity, police officers conducted a search on Belyayov’s house on November 8, after which the activist’s money went missing.

Server Mustafayev, a fellow member of the organization, says that Belyayov’s beliefs and work as an activist are the real reasons behind his arrest.

“He is a person with an active view of life, [he is] a Crimean Solidarity activist, a civilian journalist, and I regard this to be the real reason for the pressure [on him],” Mustafayev says.

On the morning of November 8, Russian security forces officers conducted searches on activists from Crimean Solidarity, including Belyayov, in several locations in occupied Crimea.

Lawyer Edem Semedlyayev later stated that one of the detainees had received a fine of around $34 (2000 roubles).