Russian paratroopers from Pskov, Rosgvardia and Kadyrov units involved in atrocities in Bucha — Reuters
5 May, 2022

Rosgvardia's Vityaz unit, the 76th Guards Air Assault Division from Pskov, and Kadyrovites were all involved in the war crimes committed in Bucha (Kyiv Oblast), during its occupation by Russian troops, according to the Reuters investigation.

During the extensive investigation, journalists interviewed more than 90 locals in Bucha and examined photos, videos and documents left by the Russians.

Among the occupying forces were Russian Vityaz security forces, as evidenced by an identity document found at the scene. Vityaz is under the command of the Rosgvardia, its leader Viktor Zolotov is a former bodyguard of Putin and reports directly to the Russian president.

The presence in the city of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division from Pskov is evidenced by a "love letter" that a local resident found in his house after returning to Bucha. The handwritten letter was addressed to soldier Aleksandr Logvynenko, who was later identified by journalists as a paratrooper from Pskov.

The neighboring house, according to a local resident, was occupied by the same group of Russian soldiers. Someone wrote "Wolf_68" on the wall with a spray can — and journalists found out that this was the nickname of Russian Kirill Kryuchkov on social networks. He served in the 234th Airborne Assault Regiment, which is part of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division.

In addition, journalists found that there were at least three personnel units in Bucha.

Atrocities of the occupiers in Kyiv Oblast

On March 31, the Ukrainian military liberated Bucha and the entire Bucha community in the Kyiv Oblast from Russian invaders. After that, journalists and government officials began publishing videos and photos of the bodies lying on the streets.

In satellite images, journalists noticed that the mass grave in Bucha on the territory of a church was dug on March 10. Images also showed that the bodies of the killed civilians appeared in Bucha when the city was still under Russian occupation.

According to German intelligence, intercepted radio reports from the Russian military about the massacres in Bucha show that these were not accidental actions of individual soldiers, but a tactic or even a strategy of Russia to intimidate Ukrainians.