Russian invaders use flashbangs on peaceful protesters against pseudo-referendum in occupied Kherson
27 April, 2022

In the temporarily occupied Kherson on the morning of April 27, residents staged a peaceful rally against holding a pseudo-referendum in the city. But the occupiers used tear gas against the people and threw light and noise grenades at the citizens, UA:PBC Kherson reported with reference to eyewitnesses.

According to official data from the local emergency medical center, as of 12:45 pm, four victims of the dispersal were reported: a man with an open leg fracture, a woman with burns and a ruptured lung, and two more men have eye and nasopharyngeal burns.

What is happening in Kherson Oblast?

Russian troops have temporarily taken control of the regional center and a number of settlements in the Ukrainian oblast situated north of the occupied Crimean peninsula. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the invaders want to advance toward the administrative border of the Kherson Oblast.

Ukrainian intelligence says the occupiers are going to vote in a "referendum" on the creation of a pseudo-republic "People's Republic of Kherson" and the recognition of the occupying power. To do this, ballots, forms, brochures, posters and booklets are already being printed in the occupied territories. Imitation of the will of the people is scheduled for April 27. The day before, on April 26, in Kherson, Russian troops "appointed" new collaborating leaders.

Moreover, the Russian occupation forces intend to organize the forced mobilization of Kherson residents for the war with Ukraine.

But despite the occupation, the spread of misinformation and propaganda, and attempts to introduce rubles in the region, locals continue resisting.