Concerns Rise in Ukraine as Russia Extends 20-Year-Old Political Prisoner’s Detention
8 November, 2018

Russia's decision to extend Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Gryb’s detention is raising concerns in Ukraine. 

On November 7, Gryb's father confirmed to Hromadske that Russia’s North Caucasus district military court had ruled to extend Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Gryb’s detention by another six months. This decision was referred to by the spokesperson of Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mariana Betsa as "farce."

"Farce in the case of Gryb is continuing," she wrote on Twitter late on November 7. "Today, his arrest in Russia was illegally extended until April 2019. We express our protest to the Russian Federation and demand release."

Gryb, now 20, has been in Russian pre-trial detention centers since fall last year, after he was illegally captured by Russian security forces in Belarus and accused of terrorism.  

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According to his father Ihor, the political prisoner suffers from portal hypertension and requires daily medication. Ihor Gryb also said that his son's medication had disappeared during his transfer from a detention facility in Krasnodar to one in Rostov, where he is currently detained. However, on October 3, Ihor Gryb said that 

Additionally, Gryb’s father told Hromadske on October 2 that his account used to transfer funds had been blocked by the Russian Federal Service for Financial Monitoring. As a result, his son has not been able to purchase food or medication.

The current state of health of the 20-year-old is unknown.

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