Russian Authorities Detain Boat with Ukrainian Citizens in Azov Sea
15 February, 2020
The now-completed Kerch Strait Bridge, crossing the Azov Sea, under construction. The Kerch Strait Bridge, built by the Russian occupiers, now connects Crimea to mainland Russia.

A small vessel carrying four Ukrainian citizens has been detained in the Azov Sea by Russian authorities, according to a statement by the Russian Federal Security Service. The Russians claim that the Ukrainians did not have any identity documents with them, and that the boat was found to have 300 caught Black Sea turbot fish on board, as well as a fishing net. They add that the boat lacked the proper documents for fishing.

“The captain of the ship did not fulfill his legal requirement of the border guard to stop, and tried to escape,” reads the Russian statement. 

The vessel has been taken to the Russian-controlled port of Kerch in occupied Crimea.