Russia Takes Third Place in Global Coronavirus Count
11 May, 2020
Coronavirus in the world. Photo: Worldometers

Over the past few days, Russia has confirmed over 11,000 new cases of COVID-19 infection. Due to this enormous jump in confirmed cases, Russia’s skipped to third place in the list of countries with coronavirus cases in the world. Previously, it was fifth.

Data from statistics tracker Worldometers testifies to this fact, as they regularly update their coronavirus tracker with new data from around the globe.

It should be noted that the official fatality count for Russia from the coronavirus remains abnormally low for the number of confirmed cases (2,009 people), in comparison to other European countries with similar infection rates.

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Currently, the country with the most coronavirus infections and deaths is the United States, with 1,367,638 confirmed cases and over 80,000 deaths. Spain occupied the second place on the list, with over 260,000 confirmed cases. In total worldwide, over 4,000,000 coronavirus cases have been discovered, resulting in the deaths of nearly 300,000 people.