Russia-Led Separatists Reportedly Blow Up Ukrainian Car, Killing 1 Soldier and Injuring 4 More
1 March, 2020

Russia-led separatists have blown up a car with Ukrainian soldiers carrying food to the country's military bases, killing one and injuring a further four. The incident happened in the village of Nyzhnioteple, Luhansk region, 40 kilometers north of Luhansk.

This was reported by the headquarters of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) in Ukraine. All the injured are receiving medical help at corresponding institutions, the JFO HQ added.

The headquarters stated that due to the fact that the shot was fired using an anti-tank guided missile operator from the distance of around 3.5 kilometer, it is "quite likely" that a "trained operator from the Russian armed forces [was doing it] and not a civilian who learned this skill yesterday."