Rise in the 1990s | Beyond East and West
16 February, 2020

Ukrainian film engineer Anatoliy Kokush received two “technology Oscars” in 2006 for his unique inventions for filming. Titanic, Avatar, all the Transformers, Mission Impossible, and generally most of the Hollywood blockbusters with action scenes were shot using the Avtorobot (or what the Americans named a “Russian Arm”) and Cascade camera cranes invented by the Filmotechnic company in Kyiv.

Hromadske journalists visited the Filmotechnic factory to meet its founder and to ask how he had managed to build something so successful at a time when everything was falling apart and changing every day. 

"Rise in the 1990s" is the latest in Hromadske's English-language series "Beyond East and West" in partnership with LSE Arena, a programme based at the Institute of Global Affairs, London School of Economics and Political Science. 

"Beyond East and West" is a research project exploring Ukrainians’ connection to and understanding of their nation’s history. As part of this project we are producing a series of videos on history and analysing the response of audiences across Ukraine.