The Euromaidan That Changed Lives: Two Stories
28 February, 2019

Anatoly Tapolsky and Olena Sinitsyna change lives in different ways. Tapolsky is a well-known DJ whose gigs are attended by many Ukrainian youngsters, while Sinitsyna is the head of the educational program at the charity fund Tabletochki that helps children with cancer. But five years ago, they stood side-by-side with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who took to the streets in attempts to rid Ukraine of its corrupt government. And their lives changed too.

Those events, known as Euromaidan or the Revolution of Dignity, had left an indelible mark on the nation. This February, which marks the fifth anniversary of the revolution, we looked at many stories from 2013-2014's bloodiest days.

To close off the cycle, we spoke to Tapolsky and Sinitsyna – two prominent Ukrainians – to hear what Euromaidan means to them.

/By Anna Yutchenko and Diana Horban

/Translated by Sofia Fedeczko and Maria Romanenko