Released Sailor on Future Plans: "Can't Wait to Go Out to Sea"
9 September, 2019

One of the freed Ukrainian sailors, a senior seaman of the Berdyansk boat told us about his plans for the near future.

Bohdan Holovash said he wanted to get back to work and go out to sea as soon as possible.

“My first plans are to return to service and to go out to sea again. This is what I have been thinking about for the past few months of my 'stay',the seaman said.

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He also thanked the people who supported all the sailors and their relatives, as well as those who sent letters.

"We needed that support so that we knew what we were doing was important to people," the sailor added.

He also stressed that the sailors were unaware of the risks in November 2018.

"We followed the rules of international maritime law and all the legal acts established between Russia and Ukraine," the sailor said.

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