Rehabilitation After War: the Principal
13 November, 2016

“I don’t want to be a principal just because I’m an ATO veteran. That does not mean a lot for me,” says Andriy Melnyk, who served in the 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade in the Luhansk region. “I need to prove that an ATO veteran can be a good principal.”

Before the war, Melnyk was a teacher. After returning from the East, his desire and energy to work in a classroom had disappeared so he applied to become a school principal: “It was exactly the kind of change I needed.”
Melnyk is now at the head of Kyiv School #203. “There is nothing better in this life than students,” he adds.
Habilitation is a special documentary project of Hromadske UA about people who survived the war in the Eastern Ukraine but found powers and hidden resources to live a full life and reintegrate into society.