Ramzan Kadyrov And Ukrainian Authorities Exchange Accusations Of Killing Amina Okueva
2 November, 2017

Editor's Note: The following is an article by our partners, the Caucasian Knot internet media portal.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has suggested that the Ukrainian secret services are involved in the death of Amina Okueva. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for Ukraine has announced that the Russian secret services or supporters of Ramzan Kadyrov may be involved in the woman's death.

The Caucasian Knot” has reported that on October 30, Adam Osmaev was wounded, and his wife Amina Okueva was killed when their car was shelled near Kiev. The incident is being investigated as a contract killing, the Ukrainian police reported. Adam Osmaev saw a "Russian trace" in the killing of Amina Okueva.

“The Ukrainian secret services have decided to kill not two but three birds with one stone: to get rid of their local female gangster, to distract the attention of Western masters from protest rallies, and to try once again to blame Russia for their troubles,” wrote the Chechen leader in Telegram.

Ramzan Kadyrov has also added that the Ukrainian politicians' statements about Natalia Nikiforova (aka Amina Okueva) as about a Chechen woman are unfounded, since she “has nothing in common with Chechnya and the Chechen people.” The Chechen leader has also denied the version about the “Russian trace” in the killing.

Earlier, Anton Geraschenko, the adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, has stated that both the main versions of the murder are associated with Russia. According to his report, the first version implies the Russian secret services' actions “with the aim of ... creating an atmosphere of terror in Ukraine,” the Interfax reports.

“And the second version is about the actions of the people living in Chechnya as a revenge to Adam [Osmanov] for his opposition to Ramzan Kadyrov and his subordinates,” said Anton Geraschenko.