Romania Protests: 'I Sold My Brain For This Pension'
12 February, 2017

Romania’s ruling social-democrat party came into power in December 2016. Early on, they adopted a law that provides amnesty to corrupt officials who were taking bribes—nullifying the rather successful fight against corruption in the country. Hundreds of thousands of Romanians have shown up in the streets of Bucharest to protest the new government.

People say they want the government to resign, but the main thing they want is to protect the rule of law and remind the government that democracy is important not only during elections and to show that they want to have an atmosphere in the country when even minor corruption crimes aren’t allowed and can’t be forgiven.

Many voted for the party because it promised to raise pensions. “I’ve understood that I sold my brain for this pension,” says Yelena Nedelya, one of the participants in the protest.

Hromadske’s Nataliya Gumenyuk traveled to Bucharest, Romania to report on the protests in February 2017.