Mass Detentions of Anti-corruption Rallies in Russia
26 March, 2017
Protesters rally in Russian city Ufa Photo credit: Otkrytaja Rossia (Open Russia)

26th. March - Hundreds of people around Russia took it to the streets with anti-corruption losungs. One of the demands of the protesters is an investigation into Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s alleged involvement in corruption schemes.

The crowds range from 100 to a thousand participants. Authorities have claimed that these rallies are unauthorized. Police have detained participants for "disturbing public order". 

Protesters in Moscow have been chanting "Russia will be free!", "Russia without Putin!" and "Shame!".

Alexei Navalny, a presidential candidate and opposition politician has been detained, authorities have switched off the power in the building where he is held, thus a live stream is no longer possible. Earlier he was transported due to a notification about possible terror attack.

Latest report suggests more than 350 people were detained in Moscow.

BBC Russia journalists reports a man hit an OMON militant with leg, the latter one lost consciousness. "His colleagues attack everyone nearby"

Employees in the office of Navalny anti-corruption Foundation detained in suspicion of incitement to hatred and enmity.