Presidential Chief-of-Staff Fires Back At Corruption Allegations: Says They’re a "Plot" Against Zelenskyy
31 March, 2020

During a press briefing on March 31, the Ukrainian president’s chief-of-staff, Andriy Yermak, commented on the unfolding corruption scandal around his brother, Denys Yermak. In a video leaked by an MP from the president’s party, Servant of the People, the chief-of-staff’s brother is seemingly heard offering government posts for sale.

The chief-of-staff, for his part, accused the MP, Geo Leros, of being “an instrument used by people who are today fighting not just with me, but with the Ukrainian government and the presidential team.”

Yermak insisted that the MP had the motive to discredit him.

“I stopped this gentleman’s effort – a member of the Servant of the People party – from sneakily trying to appoint someone from the previous (Poroshenko – ed.) government as deputy minister in one of the ministries, who currently works in the Kyiv city administration,” claimed Yermak.

He added that someone wanted to put this unidentified individual into the Kyiv city administration, but that he “appeared in the Cabinet of Ministers in Mr. Honcharuk’s government.”

“I stopped this, and then Mr. Leros after this had a similar relationship with me...that’s why I believe that it would only be right to wait for the conclusions of law enforcement bodies and then everything will be revealed,” said the chief-of-staff, saying that Leros had obtained the videos on the eve of important votes in parliament.

The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the possible corruption case.

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