"The Post-Fact World Was Really Present in Rural America" – Hromadske Journalist
15 November, 2016

✅   Hromadske journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk describes her experience traveling across America before and during the U.S presidential elections.

✅  Gumenyuk: The post-fact world and nostalgia in rural American states like Ohio and North and South Carolina were really present. Many experienced U.S. journalists also described the economic troubles and perils of the people.

✅  Gumenyuk: In Ohio, a lot of people are doing well. Maybe they feel worse than the situation is. When you ask them ‘have you lost a job?, they person would say no.

✅  Gumenyuk: When I was asking Democratic Party members a couple of days prior to the elections what they were going to do if Trump wins, they would pause and act like they were not thinking (of such a result).

The U.S. presidential elections dominated the news this week after Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton. This election has unnerved Ukraine but also many in Eastern Europe. On several occasions, the outspoken Republican has called for America's role in NATO's missions abroad to be scaled back. Thousands of people across the U.S. have taken to the streets to express their frustration with the results.  “We’re used to protests when the elections are rigged,” says Hromadske journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk, who returned to Ukraine after reporting on the elections in the U.S.

Gumenyuk visited Ohio, the Carolinas, Georgia, and New York, and describes the mood as ‘’nostalgic for the past.’’  She even met with an experienced attorney in Ohio, who was willing to challenge the rule of law.  “This nostalgia for the past is so much misused rather than real economic gravity,” she states.

While it is still unclear what this Trump victory will mean for Eastern Europe, Gumenyuk says it will “depend on whom the Donald Trump would appoint to the State Department and as Defense Secretary.”  According to the journalist, those individuals will be either isolationists or hardcore Republicans.

Hromadske’s Tom Bell and Tamara Rozouvan spoke to Hromadske’s Nataliya Gumenyuk during the live broadcast of The Sunday Show on November 13th, 2016 in Kyiv.