"People are Eagerly Waiting for Troop Withdrawals" - Resident of Occupied Luhansk
15 October, 2019
Resident of occupied Luhansk, Olena Kuznetsova, says that the events concerning Donbas have been developing really fast lately and that "builds hope."

Kuznetsova says that people in her circle of friends regard themselves citizens of Ukraine and are eagerly waiting for the separation of forces to be complete.

There are people who think differently, she adds, but "you need to talk to everyone."

"No matter how radical the mood may be, if you don’t talk to these people, nothing good will occur," Kuznetsova said.

Kuznetsova spoke to Hromadske on October 14, part of the 3-hour shared broadcast Hromadske organized with journalists in Severodonetsk and Sloviansk. Named "Donbas Formula," its aim was to ask questions and get answers that the society over both sides of the demarcation line has been craving for.

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