Ongoing liberation of Kharkiv Oblast, Ukrainian military successes on southern front: last night's highlights
10 September, 2022

President Zelenskyy said that the Armed Forces liberated and took control of over 30 settlements in Kharkiv Oblast; Ukrainian troops in the south destroyed 75 Russian soldiers, their ammunition depot and a ferry crossing. Here is what you may have missed from the previous night.

Liberation of settlements in Kharkiv Oblast

Currently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated and taken control of more than 30 settlements in Kharkiv Oblast, stated President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his evening address.

He added that in some villages of the region, measures to check and secure the territory continue. Ukrainian defenders are gradually taking control of new settlements.

"We are returning the Ukrainian flag and protection for our people everywhere," the President noted.

Successes of the Ukrainian army in the south

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted seven strikes on the southern front on September 9. Also, Ukrainian missile and artillery units performed more than 330 firing missions, according to Operational Command "South".

They confirmed that the Russian occupation forces lost on the southern front:

  • 75 soldiers;
  • 5 T-72 tanks;
  • 2 howitzers "Msta-B";
  • 8 armored vehicles.

The OC says that in Beryslav district, Kherson Oblast, the Armed Forces destroyed an ammunition depot in Bilyayivka and a ferry crossing near Lvove.

Statement of the President of Latvia

President of Latvia Egils Levits called for the start of negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union. He said that Latvia "is Ukraine's ambassador" to the European Union, NATO, the UN and the whole world.

Documentation of torture of Ukrainian prisoners of war

The UN has documented a number of violations against prisoners of war. Thus, according to the UN Monitoring Mission, captured Ukrainian military were subjected to torture and ill-treatment. And in some places of detention there are no proper conditions, food, water, health care and sanitation.

The Organization says that Russia has not yet provided access to the captured defenders of Ukraine, who are held in Russia or in the occupied territories. At the same time, Ukraine provides unimpeded access to the captured Russian fighters.

Using Ukrainians with disabilities as "human shields"

Vice-Chairman of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Jonas Ruškus said that Russians use Ukrainians with disabilities as human shields in the temporarily occupied territories.

According to him, the Committee has information about at least 12 people with disabilities who died in an institution in the territory occupied by Russian troops.

Ruskus added that there is also information about people with disabilities who are "held in inhuman conditions, subjected to cruel treatment and used as human shields by the armed forces of the Russian Federation".