One Ukrainian Soldier Dead, Four Wounded Due to Russian Advance in Luhansk Region
18 February, 2020

One Ukrainian soldier is dead, and four wounded, as a result of a fresh Russian offensive in the Luhansk region. Russian fighters attacked Ukrainian positions near the villages of Novotoshkivske, Orikhove, Krymske, and Vilne, according to Joint Forces Operations HQ.

The Ukrainian positions have been maintained, and the Joint Forces Operation reports that the situation is “under control.”

“A Joint Forces division, defending itself, has adequately responded...a firefight is ongoing with the goal of suppressing armed activity [of the Russian fighters],” added Joint Forces Operations HQ.

A feldsher (a rural medical professional widely used throughout the post-Soviet space – ed.) living in the town of Triokhizbenka, near Krymske, expressed her shock at the sudden Russian offensive. “Everyone here is in shock. [The Russians] started firing nearby somewhere near 10 p.m. last night. My husband and I are medics – we’ve been up since midnight, people started to have panic attacks, heart attacks, we’ve been driving around the whole village. Right now (at the time of quote, 9:45 a.m. – ed.) it’s not very loud here, but we can hear explosions in the distance.  But this hasn’t happened in a long time,” commented feldsher Liliya Shvets.