This Why Ukrainians Keep Risking Lives for Ice Fishing
9 March, 2017

What do you know about winter fishing?  Everyone has most likely seen groups of people in black that come on the ice as soon as it gets thick enough to withstand human weight. Winter fishermen call each other “penguins”. Hromadske.doc took a trip to the Obolon Gulf with Kyiv "penguins" and found out why they are attracted to fishing in the winter.

Meanwhile, Kyiv rescuers were demonstrating just how dangerous ice fishing can be. Additionally, they demonstrated various ways of rescuing people who have fallen through the ice. It turns out that none of them are fond of winter fishing. Someone finds it boring, others are even afraid of sitting on thin ice.

Andrii, a "penguin" that we met on the ice, used to work as a fireman at the State Emergency Service. This year, he helped one fisherman who fell through the ice. “Of course it’s risky, but if you’re prepared properly, the risk is minimized. Risk even makes this hobby more interesting,” he says.

Two weeks after filming, rescuers saved the lives of 30 fishermen, when a piece of ice chipped away.

Translated by Olga Kuchmagra