Occupying "DPR Authorities" Decide to Rename Donetsk to Stalino in Honor of...Lenin?
24 April, 2020

The so-called "head" of the occupying authority of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denys Pushilin, has written an "order" allowing Donetsk to be "officially" called by its former name – Stalino, according to News of Donbas.

The "order" writes that the name Stalino will be used alongside Donetsk during Victory Day events on May 9.

Donetsk had been formerly called Stalino in March 1924, two months after Lenin’s passing. A order from the time reads, “The [Executive Committee] believes that the symbol that characterizes our great leader Lenin will be ‘steel’ (stal, in Russian – ed.) and we’ve decided to rename the city of Yuzovka (another former name of Donetsk – ed.) to Stalino.” 

This baffling explanation fails to note that the leader of the Soviet Union at the time was already Josef Stalin, who had assumed the pseudonym Stalin (man of steel).

The "authorities" of the Luhansk People’s Republic had previously also decided to rename Luhansk to Voroshylovgrad – another former name for Luhansk during the Soviet Union.