Occupiers' offensive on Popasna axis stalls, Ukraine reclaims part of Severodonetsk — UK intel
7 June, 2022

In May, Russian troops succeeded on the Popasna axis, but in June the offensive slowed down during the last week. Over the weekend of June 4-5, Ukrainian troops recaptured part of Severodonetsk, but the invaders probably continue to occupy the eastern parts of the city, said the British Defence Intelligence in its June 7 update posted on Twitter.

It surmises that Russia plans to cut off the Severodonetsk area from both the north and the south. It is also noted that reports of shelling near Izyum indicate the preparation of Russian troops for new offensives in the northern axis.

"Russia will almost certainly need to achieve a breakthrough on at least one of these axes to translate tactical gains to operational level success and progress towards its political objective of controlling all of Donetsk Oblast," said the intelligence in its daily report.

What is the situation in Severodonetsk?

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the occupiers were trying to take control of Severodonetsk and the road to it, but the Ukrainian military successfully blocked these attempts.

The Ukrainian military maintains control in Severodonetsk, and fighting continues in the eastern part of the city. The Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed the Russian assault in the direction of Novookhtyrka and Voronove.

Oleksandr Stryuk, the head of the Severodonetsk city administration, explained that the situation in the city changes every hour. The Ukrainians have enough forces and means to defend Severodonetsk, but the enemy still prevails in manpower.