Avdiivka Survives Another Night of Shelling: Warmer, But Not Safer
3 February, 2017

On February 2nd, things had improved a little in Avdiivka. The temperature in people’s houses reached + 20 °C, water appeared in some areas, and mobile communication was recovered. However, that night, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and two were wounded [it was before the major shelling in Avdiivka in the evening]. The wounded were taken to the local hospital.

There are 11 emergency centers in Avdiivka, where people come to receive food, drinks and aid. According to the head of the public relations department of the main Department of the Donetsk Regional Emergency Service Veronika Bakhal, 4,000 people have visited emergency shelters.

People staying for night in the emergency shelter. Avdiivka, Ukraine. 02/02/2017

“We had injured people and there were less-injured people. We helped everyone and helped to evacuate them,” said military surgeon Andrii Bezrychko.

He says that they provide help to everybody who comes to the hospital, but only injured people can be evacuated.

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