Ukrainian Government Presents its Lockdown Exit Strategy
11 April, 2020
A man wearing a mask walks on Kontraktova Square in Kyiv, Ukraine. March 20, 2020. Anastasia Vlasova / hromadske

New jobs created in May-June and no full restoration of the public transport system in Ukraine until June-July – this is what's stipulated in the government's new exit strategy from the lockdown that's been in place since mid-March.

In that way, by the beginning of May, the Cabinet of Ministers is planning to implement: support for Ukraine's vulnerable population, aid for unemployed and those forced to take vacations, mobilization of medical resources, support for medical workers and other employees involved in combatting COVID-19.

Between May and start of June, the government is planning to create 500,000 new jobs, supply small- and medium-sized businesses with credit help, partially lift public transport restrictions, and "shift work schedules."

By June-July, the government says it will fully restore public transport, allow the use of relaxation zones "if safety advice is followed," soften self-isolation requirements for the elderly.

The strategy was presented by Ukraine's Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal late on April 10.

"Ukraine must return to work in May," the prime minister wrote on Facebook. "What conditions for that will be in place and which social standards and time constraints imposed – these are the questions the government is working on together with analysts."

Ukraine has been in lockdown since mid-March with different measures implemented at different times. Firstly, the borders were shut and cafes and non-grocery stores closed. Secondly, public transportation was fully stopped other than for key workers. And, most recently, parks and relaxation zones have been made out of bounds and the wearing of masks and carrying of passports or IDs made compulsory in all public places.

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