New Anti-Corruption Agency Head Elected in Ukraine
16 December, 2019
Oleksandr Novikov was elected as the new head of the National Agency for Preventing Corruption on December 16. Oleksandr Novikov / Facebook

The specially-formed competition committee has elected the new head of the National Agency for Preventing Corruption. All six members of the committee voted for Oleksandr Novikov to take this role.

"The committee regarded him as the candidate that best fits the criteria," Tilman Hoppe, an anti-corruption expert who previously worked with the Council of Europe, has commented on the decision during the final session of the committee that took place on December 16.

Hoppe also said that Novikov has been working as a prosecutor from 2007 and previously worked as an investigator. During the assessments, which the candidates partook, Novikov received one of the highest marks for his skills and a high mark in a psychology test.  

He worked in prosecution in Ukraine's Sumy region between 2004 and 2012. Later Novikov moved to Kyiv where, in 2014, he started working in one of the departments in the General Prosecutor's Office.

Seven other candidates ran for this post.

Restarting the National Agency for Preventing Corruption (NAPC) was one of the promises Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made. On October 16, he signed a law that practically dismissed the entire leadership of NAPC and changed its management model from collegial to a sole one.

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