Mustafa Nayyem and Hanna Hopko on the EuroMaidan Anniversary
28 November, 2014

When President Viktor Yanukovych failed to sign an association agreement with the European Union on Nov. 21, 2013, Mustafa Nayyem sent out a Facebook post in protest that helped spark the first gathering on Kyiv's Maidan Square.
Hanna Hopko, a long-time Ukrainian activist took part in these protests and took center stage as she called for reforms in Ukraine's notoriously corrupt government.
On the one-year anniversary of the Maidan protests, Hromadske International co-hosts Ian Bateson and Nataliya Gumenyuk sat down with Nayyem and Hopko to hear their thoughts about what has- and hasn't- changed since the Maidan protests began in Ukraine.
Full disclosure: Nayyem has since left his job as a journalist and no longer has any editorial, or financial ties to Hromadske.

The Sunday Show, Nov. 23, 2014