Nataliya Gumenyuk Leaves Hromadske
4 February, 2020
Former head of Hromadske Nataliya Gumenyuk Anastasia Vlasova / hromadske

The deputy chief editor of Hromadske and head of Hromadske International, Nataliya Gumenyuk, has stepped down. This was announced on February 3. 

“The main reason for me is the unacceptability of the sudden non-renewal of the work contract with the chief editor [Angelina Kariakina], who created a unique team that knows how to work with complex and deep stories. In addition, without a chief editor that set clear working conditions, journalism is not protected. I understand that the root cause is the difference in visions of the Hromadske mission precisely among the members of the public organization. Therefore, I currently do not see how I can work in the editorial office, but I remain a member of the [public] organization to work with [the situation]  moreover, as quickly as possible. Hromadske is, above all, the idea of ​​socially useful journalism, and, perhaps, we need to find a way to accomplish that again,” Gumenyuk explained her decision.

Nataliya Gumenyuk is one of the founders of Hromadske. She served as the head of Hromadske for four years. From December 20, Gumenyuk was the acting deputy chief editor responsible for partnerships. She was also the head of Hromadske International.

On January 31, the chief editor of Hromadske, Angelina Kariakina, announced she's quitting her job due to the "difference in views on the future of the organization" with the leadership of Hromadske.