Mother of MH17 Victim Shares Grief
16 July, 2018

Time freezes in Silene Fredriksz’s apartment. Four years ago, her 23-year-old son Bryce and his girlfriend Daisy were killed when the Malaysia Flight MH17 airplane was shot down over the Russia-occupied part of Ukraine’s Donbas.

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Bryce and Daisy were among 298 victims who were on board the tragic flight on July 17, 2014. Although four years have passed, Friedriksz is still asking questions about that day.

“How can somebody who is trained to work with a Buk [missile] make such a big mistake? Was it really a mistake?” she asks, revisiting her pain with Hromadske.

Walking around her apartment, she shows Hromadske journalists Bryce and Daisy’s belongings, which she has left untouched over the last four years.

“Sometimes I come here and talk to them, cuddle with their clothes,” Fredriksz says.

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In her opinion, both Ukraine and Russia should take responsibility for the disaster.

“I blame Ukraine for not closing the airspace, and I'm blaming Russia for the whole thing going on in Ukraine.”

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