Most of the Euromaidan Crimes Have Been Solved – Ukraine’s PGO
22 November, 2018

Five years on from Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity, most of the 4,700 cases involving activists have been solved, the head of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Special Investigation department Serhiy Horbatiuk stated at a press conference on November 21.

According to Horbatiuk, 15,000 people have been investigated in connection with 4700 cases from the revolution.

Photo credit: HROMADSKE

“As of today, most of the 4,700 crimes which have been investigated by the investigators have been solved. That means that the circumstances of these crimes have been established. In the most successful cases, we have established the perpetrators, organizers and instigators, as well as the accomplices, including the so-called middle men through whom the instructions were given,” Horbatiuk stated.

In total, 442 people have been suspected of crimes, 42 of them within the last year. A further 279 people have been indicted and 13 people are currently in custody. 52 people have also been found guilty.

Horbatiuk also stated that 56 people have been suspected in 73 murder cases.

All the crimes committed during the Revolution of Dignity are included in one overall case known as the “Maidan case.”