Moscow Court Allows Detained Uzbek Journalist to Leave Russia
2 February, 2018

A Moscow city court has ruled to allow Novaya Gazeta journalist Khudoberdi Nurmatov, who was previously threatened with deportation back to his native Uzbekistan, to leave Russia, Interfax reports.

According to the court’s ruling, Nurmatov — better known by his pen name Ali Feruz — must stay in a temporary accommodation center for foreign nationals until the European Court of Human Rights has ruled on the issue of his expulsion. However, he has the right to leave Russia for a third country, providing he has the “necessary documents.”

12e5ec696cd8a25e0Photo credit: Novaya Gazeta

During the hearing, Nurmatov stated that he did not want to remain in Russia and was able to travel to Germany on Red Cross travel documents.

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Russian law enforcement detained Nurmatov back in August 2017 on illegal labor charges.

Since his arrest, Russia has been attempting to deport Nurmatov to Uzbekistan, where he faces torture and political persecution. Nurmatov tried to commit suicide after the court’s initial decision to expel him.

On January 24, a Moscow court revised the decision on the journalist’s expulsion.

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/By Sofia Fedeczko