Over 60 People Fled Coronavirus Observation in Ukraine
1 April, 2020

Over 60 people, who had recently returned from abroad, fled precautionary coronavirus observation at the Kozatskiy Hotel in central Kyiv, stated Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko on air on the 112 Ukraine TV channel.

These are people who returned on specially chartered flights from Doha, Qatar, and Bali, Indonesia a few days ago. Herashchenko explained that they were able to leave the place of observation "because of legislative inaccuracies."

“More than 50 [administrative] protocols have already been issued to those who violated the observational regime,” said Herashchenko. He stressed that all those who fled will pay a 17 thousand hryvnia fine.

But, he said that"we cannot hold people forcefully," adding that the citizens themselves should be aware of their responsibility.

All the remaining evacuees will be tested for coronavirus "today and tomorrow" and allowed to return home where they have to self-isolate, Herashchenko stated.

Two specially chartered evacuation flights from Qatar and Bali arrived in Ukraine on March 30. Some of the evacuated 358 passengers refused to spend an observation period in a hotel and wrote a statement to the police, but eventually agreed. Apart from the Kozatskiy Hotel, some of the evacuees were accommodated at the Pushcha Congress Hotel.

Violating measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including  precautionary observation, may lead to a fine from 17 to 34 thousand hryvnia, as provided by the corresponding law. If any person is infected with the coronavirus as a result of the violation, the penalty may reach 51 thousand hryvnia, or the offender may even be imprisoned for up to 3 years.

/ by Vladyslav Kudryk 

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