More strikes on Kryvyi Rih, financial assistance from EU: highlights of the day
15 September, 2022
Russians shelled Kryvyi Rih twice in one day; Europe continues financial support to Ukraine; European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen back in Kyiv. Here is our selection of main news for today.

Liberated Kharkiv Oblast

Border guards released five teenagers in Kupyansk, who were illegally detained by the occupiers after filtration. Four girls and one boy spent a week in the basement.

The Security Service continues to carry out stabilization measures. 16 collaborators have already been exposed in the recently liberated territories of the region, 13 of them have already been served notices of suspicion. In total, 7,000 people have been checked in Kharkiv Oblast.

The law enforcers also found complete lists of representatives of the occupation administration and people who cooperated with them. They also found lists of commercial structures that paid "taxes" to the occupiers.

Attacks on Ukraine

The Russian military launched rocket attacks on Kryvyi Rih twice in the space of a day. They hit an industrial enterprise and hydraulic structures. People were not injured.

There were also explosions in Kirovohrad Obast. There were strikes on the territory of Petrivska community. One missile was shot down by the air defense forces.

Situation at the front

Russian troops are shelling on all axes except Volyn and Polissia. The Ukrainian Defense Forces successfully repelled the Russian attacks near the settlements of Vesela Dolyna, Mayorsk and Zaitseve, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

Ukrainian aviation carried out 18 strikes on the invaders' positions, in particular, the destruction of 10 clusters of the Russian military, three strongholds and five positions of anti-aircraft missile systems was confirmed.

Air defense units destroyed two Russian drones. Missile troops and artillery struck three control points, 12 clusters of soldiers and equipment of the enemy. Two ammunition depots, air defense facilities and logistics hubs of the Russians were destroyed.

The invaders damaged the infrastructure of more than 20 Ukrainian towns and villages with their shelling. Russians launched five missile and air strikes, as well as 23 attacks from rocket artillery systems.

Financial assistance from the EU

The European Parliament approved the allocation of 5 billion euros of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine. This is part of a 9 billion euro package. These funds should cover the urgent needs of Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion, as well as help Ukraine to repay its financial obligations, such as public debt.

The European Investment Bank has already disbursed to Ukraine the first 500 million euros of the 1.59 billion euro loan. These funds will be spent on urgent repairs of damaged roads, bridges and railway infrastructure.

Monkeypox in Ukraine

A monkeypox infection was confirmed in Ukraine for the first time. The patient is currently hospitalized in a medical institution for inpatient treatment, he has a mild course of the disease.

According to the patient, he has not had contact with patients with monkeypox and has not traveled abroad. However, the emergence of symptoms and anamnesis indicate that he was infected in one of the major cities of the country, the Ministry of Health indicates.

Weapons from Germany

The German government for the first time announced the supply of 50 Dingo armored vehicles to Ukraine. These are armored and optionally armed wheeled vehicles used for patrolling and reconnaissance. 

Germany will also transfer two more Mars II multiple launch rocket systems and 200 rockets for them. Ukraine has already received three such MLRS.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Ukraine is also waiting for several promised air defense systems from Germany, which have not yet been received. Negotiations on the supply of air defense systems are also underway with the United States, Israel, Italy, and France.

Visit of European Commission President

On September 15, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen visited Kyiv. She met with President Zelenskyy.

The politicians discussed the possibility of Ukraine receiving the next financial tranche by the end of the year and the preparation of macro-financial assistance from the EU for 2023. They also talked about the importance of a new sanctions package to put pressure on Russia.

IAEA resolution

The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which consists of 35 countries, adopted a resolution demanding Russia to end the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The document was proposed by Canada and Poland on behalf of Ukraine, which is not a member of the board.

The document was adopted by 26 votes, 7 countries abstained. Russia and China opposed it.

Car accident with Zelenskyy

An accident with Volodymyr Zelenskyy's motorcade occurred in the center of Kyiv on September 14. The State Bureau of Investigation has already opened a criminal case over the accident. The presidential spokesman reported that Zelenskyy was not seriously injured.