Moldova Villages Drive Uprising In The Capital
20 October, 2015

"To understand why protests are occurring in Moldova, I recommend going beyond Chisinau" explains one of the protest leaders Andrey Nastasye. He is a representative of a public organization called  “Dignity and Truth”. This platform became the driving force that brought thousands of Moldovans to the central square of Chisinau.

"We were surprised by the last poll: it tells that protests are more common among those who live in the countryside." says Arkadiy Barbaroshiye, the director of the Institute of Civil Politics. Hromadske journalists decided to visit some small towns and villages in Moldova's central region to find out the type of conditions people live in. In Chulukhan, which is 100 km from capital city, the Hromadske journalists met a villager named Mikhail, who participated in protests on the Chisinau square from time to time. He is not able to do it regularly because of work. He used to work abroad before. "Now I’m too old." Mikhail sighs.

A family from a village called Mindresht has lived in Italy for 10 years now. "There’s no work in Moldova. It is impossible to make money here. Moreover, I have a family and a child’  head of  family Ion says. "Still I want to come back. We observe everything that happens in Chisinau attentively and support it." he adds. Ion acknowledges that he will come next time to take an active part in a protest.

As reported earlier, the protest started in the heart of Chisinau on September 6th 2015. Thousands of people came out on the streets to claim that they require a complete reload of the authorities, including resignation of the president and the prime minister. The protesters demand early parliament elections, proclamation of the oligarchs as non-grata people, and the return of 1 billion dollars, which have been stolen.