Ministry of Health Ad Raises Concerns of Sexism
6 May, 2020
The two images released by a Telegram channel affiliated with Ukraine's Ministry of Health show a female figure mopping the floor and a male figure studying online. Coronavirus_info Telegram channel

A new ad released by Coronavirus_info Telegram channel that is affiliated with Ukraine's Ministry of Health is drawing criticism for sexism. The ad, intended to encourage Ukrainians to stick to quarantine norms like staying at home, shows two cartoon figures, one seemingly female and the other male. 

The female cartoon figure is dressed in housecleaning clothing, with a slogan above the figure reading "Disinfecting the house, I do wet cleaning every day." The male looking cartoon figure is dressed in a dress shirt and is sitting in front of a laptop, and his slogan reads “I finally have time to finish my online courses.”

Both images bear the Ministry of Health's logo.

But some people online have reacted harshly to the ad, saying that the representative of a woman cleaning and a man engaging in work is sexist and reinforces gender stereotypes.  

The Ministry of Health did not immediately respond when reached out for comment.

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