Metro and Interregional Travel May Start From Mid-Summer – Ukraine PM
12 May, 2020

Ukraine’s quarantine has been extended to May 22 due to the continuing threat of the coronavirus pandemic. But the metro systems and interregional transport may only start working in mid-summer, according to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal during a morning talk show on channel 1+1.

“Today, the quarantine will be in effect until May 22. But this isn’t a finalized date. It will be extended,” said the Prime Minister. “We’re currently at the peak of the disease. We’ve had relatively steady [numbers] for the last 7-8 days. The daily infection count hasn’t risen. But we haven’t had a single day where the number of recoveries have been equal or higher than the number of illnesses. This is a very important step. A tipping point...As for the metro and interregional transport – this is a very important question. We have not passed this peak so far. Imagine for yourselves how two million people daily gather in carriages – this is pretty close contact. Metro and interregional transport can be a huge catalyst for the spread of the disease.”

Quarantine in Ukraine will be drawn down over five stages. According to the government’s plan, transport will start functioning from the third step. But the date for the start of the drawdown hasn’t been set, and everything depends on the coronavirus situation in the country.

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