Mariupol residents who did not pass the 'filtration' are sent to a corrective colony or Izolyatsia prison
11 May, 2022

Mariupol residents who did not pass the 'filtration' process are sent to a corrective colony in occupied Olenivka (Donetsk Oblast) or Izolyatsia prison in Donetsk, says Adviser to Mariupol Mayor Petro Andriushchenko.

All those who do not pass the 'filtration' are considered 'unreliable' and are sent to the occupied territories: either to the corrective colony №52 in the village of Olenivka (which has been occupied since 2014) in Donetsk Oblast or to the Izolyatsia prison in occupied Donetsk.

Andriushchenko says the colony in Olenivka is designed for those who do not serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the National Guard. Only relatives of the military, former law enforcement officers, activists, journalists, and people who have aroused suspicion (even people with patriotic tattoos) are detained there.

The minimum term of imprisonment is 36 days. This is an amount of time the occupiers spend on the so-called filtration process, so they are unlikely to recognize detention as illegal.

Eyewitnesses say at least 3,000 people are in the colony, although the room limit is 850 people. The total area of the colony is 14.3 thousand square meters, and the living area is less than half of the given area. The detainees are mostly residents of Mariupol and administrative Mariupol Raion, says Mayor Adviser.

"The premises are filled with people so that it is impossible even to lie down. People have to stand or hunker down, receiving only a bottle of water for dozens of people, food once every few days, and permission to use the bathroom only once a day," Andriushchenko said.

Detainees are interrogated, forced to cooperate, tortured, and threatened with execution. Some, according to Andriushchenko, are released in 36 days but are forced to sign some papers, probably about cooperation with occupiers. There are cases of disappearances after interrogations. There are also rumors that people are being transferred to a 'more brutal prison', probably to Izolyatsia.

'Filtration camps'

Ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denisova earlier reported that Russia had illegally deported more than 1.1 million people, including 200,000 children, from the occupied territories of Ukraine. People are first taken to so-called filtration camps where they undergo the 'filtration' process. Ombudswoman also reported more than 20,000 Ukrainians are in some of the camps. After passing the 'filtration' Russian occupation force issue people a 'certificate.' Documents and personal belongings may be confiscated from civilians during the 'filtration' process.

Izolyatsia prison

This is a prison created on the territory of the Isolation Art Foundation after Donetsk was seized by Russian sabotage units in 2014. Since then, the territory has been held in secret.

Militants of the self-proclaimed 'DPR' train on the territory of the prison, store military equipment, and illegally imprison people, torturing them. Illegal 'DPR' courts render people verdicts without proper investigation.