Mariupol authorities show shocking footage from Russian filtration camps set up in occupied Donbas
5 May, 2022

Mariupol authorities received details and video confirmations from the filtration camps of the Russian occupation forces in the village of Bezymyane, which became a real ghetto for Mariupol residents, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko reported.

"This is the most horrible story worth telling the whole world... Without exaggeration, this is a new chapter in Russia's war crimes that is happening right now," he said.

According to information received by the Mariupol leadership, almost four weeks ago the occupiers forcibly removed all men from the Huhlino, Myrnyi and Volonterivka districts. Approximately 2,000 people were housed in the villages of Bezymyane and Kozatske.

This was done under the pretext of filtration. Men were not allowed to take any personal belongings with them, and their passports and other identity documents were confiscated.

The deportees were placed in a school and club. For the fourth week, the men are being forcibly held captive, not allowed to leave the school without a convoy of Russian troops.


Andryushchenko calls them terrible. He says people are forced to sleep on the floor in the hallways. They are not provided with medical care. The first case of a man's death due to the occupiers' refusal to call an ambulance was recorded in the village of Kozatske.

The first case of tuberculosis was recorded among people at the school in Bezymyane, as a result of which the school gym turned into an isolation ward, where many people were locked up without medical care.

In case of absence of any of the captives, the occupiers promise to intensify torture and shoot other detainees.

The mayor's adviser says that the camps provide three servings a day of "real skilly" and, one sink with cold water serves as a bathroom for thousands of people. Hygiene as such is lacking, which exacerbates the morbidity among detainees.

All captives, including the sick and people with disabilities, are recruited to work in landscaping in the village of Bezymyane and the city of Novoazovsk under the escort of the Russian military.

Attempts to escape

Documents are not returned to people, at the same time everyone received a "filtration document". But it does not grant them the right to leave the camp.

There were some attempts to escape, but the men were detained and beaten. The last unsuccessful attempt was to break into the UN and Red Cross evacuation buses, which the detainees saw from the windows, but also to no avail.

The outlook for detainees

The occupiers say they have not decided the fate of these people. Among the options is to use them as labor to dismantle the debris in Mariupol or to mobilize to the occupying army.

On Monday, May 2, it was announced that men would take part in the parade on May 9 in Mariupol as "prisoners". For this purpose, they will be disguised as Ukrainian soldiers.