Losses of Ukrainian farmers due to Russian invasion exceed $4 billion
15 June, 2022

The total losses in agriculture of Ukraine from the full-scale war reached $4.3 billion. In particular, farmers lost more than $2.1 billion due to damaged agricultural land and unharvested crops. This is stated in a study by the KSE Center for Food and Land Use Research in conjunction with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

According to the research, agricultural lands suffered two significant types of damage: mining and direct physical damage as a result of active hostilities. Researchers estimate the cost of surveying and demining at $436 million.

In addition, the temporarily occupied lands in the south of Ukraine have the most developed irrigation infrastructure, and its replacement and repair will amount to approximately $225 million.

Ukraine also lost more than $920 million due to damaged agricultural machinery and equipment, $272 million due to the destruction of granaries and $136 million due to the death of domestic animals.

According to the study, Russia's armed aggression killed approximately 5.7 million poultry, 258,000 pigs, 92,000 cattle and 42,000 sheep and goats.

Researchers have also estimated that the total value of grain and oil-bearing plants stolen by the occupiers is about $613 million.

Economic losses from the war

As of May 28, the total amount of direct documented damage to Ukraine's infrastructure due to destruction during the war reached $105.5 billion (over 3.1 trillion hryvnias).

In addition, the total losses of Ukraine's economy due to the war range from 564 to 600 billion dollars. These are both direct and indirect losses: declining GDP, cessation of investment, outflow of labor, additional spending on defense and social support, and so on.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said Ukraine needed at least $15 billion over the next three months. These funds are requested from the G7 states.

A senior German official told Reuters in a comment that G7 finance ministers wanted to approve a 15 billion-euro aid package for Ukraine.